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Our customers have one thing in common – they experience the SERVICE EXCELLENCE and all-inclusive security solution we vouch for at the Guarding Division of

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We at Griffin Security are passionate about ensuring that every resident and employee feels safe and secure in the estate, they so carefully chose to lead their life. Hence…

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With cutting-edge Technology over any criminal activity that will compliment your physical security needs is indisputably the ability we at Griffin Security have in

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“We have found that the services provided were exemplary and all staff was diligent in providing us with securely controlled premises.”

Mr. A Dorney Eastrand Styling Panelbeaters

“GRIFFIN SECURITY has fulfilled my security needs and has done so in a professional and diligent manner at times responding to extenuating circumstances over and above the call of duty. I would not hesitate to use their services in the future if required.”

Mr. J.R. Reddy Momentum

“We are impressed with the attention to detail and the professionalism of the guards provided. They have prevented theft from our sites as well as being courteous but firm with potential clients and visitors who try to enter the site without authorization.”

Mr. E. Dube Media Inc.

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