The most important element in preventing crimes from being committed is undoubtedly the gathering of information. Coupled with good investigation work, it dramatically increases the possibility of preventing crimes from being committed.

Griffin Security certainly has trained and experienced investigators in the private security industry to assist you in proactively preventing crime from being committed. Our detectives’ success rate is phenomenal and includes tracing and apprehending suspects who are involved in organized crime.
Having access to an online criminal database, we have the immediate ability to assess information that our field operators gather, either through overt or covert operations, against the thousands of profiles and modes operandi we have on hand.

Services include:

  • Deploying highly trained and experienced investigators.
  • Deploying experienced information gatherers.
  • Providing experienced informer handlers and deploying informers accordingly.
  • Using an extensive online criminal database to secure proactive results.
  • Providing legal investigators for criminal and/or departmental investigations.
  • Mobile surveillance of criminal activities.
  • Surveillance of employees who are possibly involved in criminal activity.
    Tracing and arresting persons who are responsible for high risk stock losses at clients’ premises.
  • Ongoing covert operations, using undercover agents.
  • Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM).
  • Background verification and screenings/fingerprinting/IDECO.
  • Polygraph examinations.

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