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Griffin Electronic Security Systems is a world-class professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, TSCM company serving clients in South Africa. Our company utilizes detection methodologies and equipment that have been proven superior at identifying eavesdropping devices and exposing surveillance tactics. When you choose Griffin’s professional TSCM services, you can be certain we are equipped and ready to perform an effective, world-class TSCM service.

Need Corporate TSCM Services? You can trust our experts to detect your electronic eavesdropping exposures. Call us for thorough and effective business TSCM services at 011-027-0005

Compromises of business privacy are serious. When you need effective business TSCM services, Griffin is your best choice. Why? Griffin provides world class eavesdropping detection services.  Our TSCM pros are well trained and highly skilled. In addition, Griffin uses the best and most current eavesdropping detection equipment in performance of our business TSCM services. Ultimately, our proprietary methods give you an advantage in bugging device detection. Griffin’s business TSCM services are a complete and effective solution!

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